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Plastic flooring industry's future 5--10 years into a period of growth

PVC flexible vinyl flooring is the building material industry in the world's most innovative high-tech paving materials. Is now commonly used in decoration project in a foreign country. Since the 80 's into the domestic market to promote, now commercial (Office buildings, shopping malls, airports)/education (schools, libraries, gymnasiums), pharmaceuticals (pharmaceutical plants, hospitals), widely used in factories and other industries, and achieve satisfactory results, usage is growing.

Sheet flooring is a wear-resistant layer to the outer packaging at the core, corrugated box packaging. In each volume packaging or boxes should be indicated on each product name, manufacturer name, date of manufacture, batch number, grade, color, quantity, weight, and so on. During transport shall be subjected to the impact, the Sun, the rain. Indoor storage of air circulation, dry, away from heat sources shall not be less than 1M. Sheet flooring should be stacked upright. PVC sheet flooring is PVC as raw material, add the proper packing, plastic materials, calcium carbonate, stabilizers and other accessories through extrusion, laminating or coating processes, and their specifications for the Strip, the thickness of 8-12mm.

Roll the floor area required can be calculated according to the laying area multiplied by 1.10. If the coil is exactly the width of the floor net width of the room, you can consider the loss of 2%. Sheet flooring can be retail, purchase as much as needed, spell sites should be careful to avoid waste.

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