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Safety and environmental protection durable resilient flooring home favorite

Tianjin Bohai building materials market, spread over 800 square metres of flexible flooring experience Museum recently opened 27 times times the General past market stalls. When a reporter to observe this flooring sample, that resilient floor are divided into four categories, according to the stone material is divided into plastic sheet flooring flooring, PVC flooring, rubber flooring, and linseed. Other home improvement flooring tiles, wood flooring, laminate flooring, floor coating compared to this material has such a big market? rented stalls on this scale will stall rent should be paid a small fee. Business resilient floor decorative building materials company, Tianjin Han Guangren boss seems to see the concerns of journalists, the author says, they annually run floor sells home flooring, with 200% sales in growth.

Resilient flooring and other flooring compared with apparent advantages are: safety and environmental protection. Selection of materials and paving glue clear and environmentally harmful substances. Installation, using the entire process from production to ensure pollution-free, can be made more healthy and comfortable living space. Good thermal conductivity. Adapt to the current development of floor heating, these types of flooring are changes as the surface temperature changes, and rapid thermal conductivity compared to solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, energy-saving effect. With sound insulation and sound-absorbing effect. Flooring by enhanced UV coated, embossed layer, sound-absorbing foam layer, can eliminate part of the noise between floors. Use durable. Polyethylene wear surface of floor adopts high-purity level, through a special UV treatment, better floor surface wear resistance and resistance to breakage. Stain-resistant and easy to clean. Floor surface sticky after all kinds of stains, use water to wash or clean spirits can be cleared. Its good resistance to corrosion, moisture, mold, and to maintain a clean living environment. Good stability of the floor. Floor into the overall specifications and specification in two ways. After paving home environment of temperature and humidity changes, will not cause deformation, extension of the floor.

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