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Analysis: PVC Floor Price Differences

1. the products of the work. PVC flooring is the product of a very high standard, but as with other household products, also pay attention to product design and technology. In the production process, if it is Europe and the hot press molding, so the price is high, but if Korea or domestic use glue method of costs will be relatively low. Because hot forming of products no glue, on no formaldehyde release of possibilities, such environmental sex on will strong many, price also will high some; in products of thickness Shang, products of wear layer directly decided with PVC floor of wear capacity, thickness more thick, description its products wear material input more more, also on means with input of cost more high, so price more high; in printing layer Shang, after carefully polished, and making of products, its lines on will more clear, and more fine, this class products of quality high, corresponding of price also on expensive some.

2. origin and brand: as we all know, after the import of foreign products, the price must not be too low, PVC floors, too. While, PVC floor in Europe national has is mature industry, its work and technology of input relative domestic enterprise for are advanced some, on the, abroad products into China, will additional must of imports tariff, so, abroad of PVC floor relative domestic price to high some; brand of influence, in in recent years are already no longer is fresh of vocabulary, if is line brand enterprise of products, due to brand effect of drive, they in work and material select Shang are relative small enterprise to careful many, Therefore its PVC floor price will be high.

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