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Artificial Marble Of The Five Sub-column Introduction

  Artificial marble of the five sub-column introduction

  The formation of natural marble takes tens of thousands of years, and in the end is limited, with the pace of mining people faster and faster, the stone resources will eventually be depleted, but the demand for stone has not been reduced, so artificial marble in this situation Under the inevitable. Artificial marble quality is relatively light but high strength, corrosion resistance, pollution and pattern can be artificially controlled.

  According to the production of raw materials and production processes, can be divided into four categories. The following is a brief introduction to these five kinds of artificial marble.

  Cement-type artificial marble: This artificial marble is a variety of cement as a binder, sand as fine aggregate, broken marble, granite, industrial waste residue as coarse aggregate, by ingredients, mixing, molding, Raised, polished, polished and made, commonly known as terrazzo.

  Polyester artificial marble: This artificial marble is unsaturated polyester as binder, and quartz sand, marble, calcite powder and other mixing, casting molding, curing agent in the role of curing, the stripping, drying Dry, polished and other processes and made. China to use this method to produce artificial marble. Unsaturated polyester glossy, light color, adjustable into a different bright color, this resin low viscosity, easy to shape, fast curing, can be cured at room temperature.

  Composite artificial marble: This artificial marble is based on inorganic materials and organic polymer composite composition. After the filler is bonded and formed with an inorganic material, the green body is immersed in the organic monomer to polymerize under certain conditions. For the plate, the bottom with low and stable performance of inorganic materials, the surface layer with polyester and marble powder production.

  Sintered artificial marble: this artificial marble is feldspar, quartz, pyroxene ", calcite powder and hematite powder and a small amount of kaolin mixed with mud prepared by the blank, with semi-dry pressure forming, in the furnace With about 1000c high temperature sintering.

  There is also a man-made stone is now very popular microcrystalline stone, belonging to man-made stone, but different from the traditional man-made marble. Mainly in the production process is different, the product characteristics are also very different, microcrystalline stone products in the line called glass-ceramic composite panel, which is the field of building ceramics in the high-tech products, it is crystal clear, elegant, natural growth But also different changes in the imitation of stone texture, the level of color, the appearance of the gods of the decorative effect, as well as from pollution, easy to clean, the inherent excellent physical and chemical properties, in addition to a stronger than the stone weather resistance, weather resistance and By domestic and foreign high-end building materials market favored.

  The four kinds of artificial marble decorative panels, the most commonly used polyester, the physical and chemical properties of the best, easy to design patterns, reproducibility, for a variety of purposes, but the price is relatively high; cement is the cheapest, but Corrosion resistance is poor, prone to micro-cracks, only for the plate. The other two production processes are complex and rarely used.

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