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Artificial Marble The Whole Sense Is Very Strong And Colorful

Artificial marble is made of natural marble or granite gravel as a filler, with cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, by mixing molding, grinding and polishing made. So artificial marble has many natural marble characteristics, such as artificial marble can be manually adjusted, so many colors, flexibility is better, convergence treatment is not obvious, the overall sense is very strong, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high hardness , Easy to damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature, and very easy to clean. But there is also a great drawback, the human body has a more significant damage. Currently on the market common artificial marble usually have the following four: cement artificial marble, polyester artificial marble, composite artificial marble, sintered artificial marble.

Artificial marble is imitated marble surface texture processing, with a similar marble mechanism characteristics, and pattern can be designed by the designer to determine their own, good reproducibility. And artificial marble anti-pollution, and have good machinability, can be made into curved, curved surface shape, easy construction.

The following four kinds of artificial marble decorative panels, the most commonly used polyester, its physical and chemical properties of the best, easy to design patterns, reproducibility, for a variety of purposes, but the price is relatively high. Cement is the cheapest, but the corrosion resistance is poor, prone to micro-cracks, only for the plate. The other two production processes are complex and rarely used.

Cement type

This artificial marble is a variety of cement as a binder, sand as fine aggregate, broken marble, granite, industrial waste as coarse aggregate, by ingredients, mixing, molding, pressurized steaming, polished, Polished and made, commonly known as terrazzo, also known as epoxy floor.

Polyester type

This artificial marble is unsaturated polyester as binder, and quartz sand, marble, calcite powder and other mixing, casting molding, in the role of curing agent under the curing effect, the stripping, drying, polishing and other processes production. China to use this method to produce artificial marble.


This artificial marble is composed of inorganic materials and organic polymer composite composition. After the filler is bonded and formed with an inorganic material, the green body is immersed in the organic monomer to polymerize under certain conditions. For the plate, the bottom with low and stable performance of inorganic materials, the surface layer with polyester and marble powder production.

Sintered type

This artificial marble is the feldspar, quartz, pyroxene, calcite powder and hematite powder and a small amount of kaolin mixed with mud prepared by the preparation of blank, with semi-dry pressure molding in the kiln with about 1000 ℃ high temperature Sintered.

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