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How To Distinguish Artificial Marble And Quartz Stone?

  How to distinguish Artificial Marble and quartz stone?

  With the ever-expanding demand for artificial quartz stone market, artificial quartz stone brand is gradually increasing, fake and shoddy is also endless. One is fake well-known brands, a stone factory manufacturers, the use of consumer products do not understand, for the well-known brands on the market, through counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, to counterfeit goods to counterfeit goods. Artificial Marble The other is the direct use of consumer corruption psychological, in the case of product quality is not the case, the industrial resin instead of ... methyl acrylate, at a very low price impact on the market. Even appear to take other artificial stone posing.

  How to identify artificial quartz stone and artificial marble? A look: visual samples of pure color is not cloudy, the appearance of no plastic plastic texture, Artificial Marble the back of the board without small pores. Second smell: nose smell no pungent chemical atmosphere. Three strokes: with a key scribe plate appearance, no obvious scratches. Four touch: the same two pieces of each other percussion, not broken. Such as not meet these requirements is likely to be artificial marble. Finally, to check whether the product ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, with or without quality and security cards and related security signs. Artificial marble price is lower than the price of quartz stone, with high resin rate, fear of scissors, anti-leakage performance is poor, and relatively bad care, quartz stone, then, relative to these shortcomings.

  What is the harm to the human body? Poor plate containing organic solvents and heavy metal hazards digestive system. Lead or cadmium and other heavy metals of low-quality inorganic pigments, directly by adding organic solvents. Such inferior plate into the home, will be through heavy metals and other harmful substances, food as a carrier directly into the digestive system, endangering human health. Residual formaldehyde long-term volatilization may cause cancer. Indoor air is not flowing or the temperature is too high environment, Artificial Marble more speed of such toxic substances volatile, long-term exposure, most likely to cause cancer. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of quartz stone plate must be cautious, so as not to mistakenly buy "poison board" for the family to introduce long-term poison, endanger the lives of family health. Some production equipment and technology behind the business in order to reduce costs, the choice of harmful raw materials, not only undermine the integrity of the market, but also on the physical and mental health of consumers have a serious impact! It is particularly important to choose high quality artificial stone.

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