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How To Identify Poor Artificial Marble

  How to identify poor Artificial Marble

  Why is the marble so popular? Many people are willing to choose the decoration of the stone. Marble features: marble atmosphere and elegant, these features attract a lot of decoration owners of the line of sight. The popularity of marble to some extent to stimulate the speculation to the eyes of the molecules, and now many manufacturers for the benefit, began to mass production of quality problems of marble, which is today to say more artificial marble. And the artificial marble is harmful, the following will explain to you, where the hazards of marble?

  1. The basic characteristics of artificial marble:

  The characteristics of artificial marble. Artificial marble is usually made of natural marble or granite gravel as a filler, with cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, by mixing molding, grinding and polishing made, so artificial marble has many natural marble Of the characteristics, such as artificial marble can be manually adjusted, so many colors, flexibility is better, convergence treatment is not obvious, the overall sense is very strong, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high hardness, easy to damage, corrosion resistance, resistance High temperature, and very easy to clean. But there is also a great drawback, the human body has a more significant damage.

  At present, China's stone network common artificial marble on the market usually have the following four: clay artificial marble, polyester artificial marble, composite artificial marble, sintered artificial marble.

  Why can we choose high-quality artificial marble? We can also use the "look", "smell" "ask" "cut" the way to see a doctor in medicine, for the marble to see "disease."

  1. The so-called "look" with the eyes to see: the general quality of good Artificial Marble, the surface color is relatively pure, the back of the board will not appear small pores. You can also check the certification: a product, first of all to check its presence

  2, the so-called "smell" that is, with the nose smell: poor Artificial Marble will have a clear pungent smell of chemical, and high quality will not.

  3, the so-called "ask" that asked each other under the ISO quality system certification, quality inspection reports, is to check the certification. :

  4, the last procedure is "cut", and this "cut" it, it is a little tedious. We can be broken down into three steps: first with a nail: high-quality artificial marble, with a nail, there is no obvious scratches. Followed by percussion: you can choose a better amount of lines. Finally, to touch: high-quality artificial marble surface will have a very obvious sense of silk, and the surface is very smooth, poor quality is not.

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