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Identification Of Artificial Marble And Natural Marble

Identification of man-made and natural marble there is a more simple way: drop a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid, natural marble blistering, artificial marble is foam weak or even blistering. Specific artificial marble purchase, from the following points to compare: to see the color of the sample sample to be pure and not cloudy, the appearance of plastic-like texture, the opposite side of the plate without small pores. Carefully smell the sample sample with the nose smell, should be no comfort of the chemical smell. Touch the surface of the sample surface should be like a silky smooth sense, no astringent sense, no obvious sense of uneven.

There are three main differences in terms of simplicity:

First, the natural marble has radiation, the human body hurt, man-made does not exist this problem.

Second, the permeability of natural marble than man-made strong. Permeability is that if you put the color of liquid on the natural marble countertops, the color will penetrate into the table inside, can not clearly leave a permanent trail; and artificial marble permeability is poor, the color penetration is slow, if the timely clean It will not leave traces.

Third, the stone price is different. Natural marble is expensive. In addition, the pattern and color of the choice, the man-made richer, homeowners can choose their favorite color.

With the nail plate surface, no obvious scratches. The same two pieces of each other percussion, not broken. Check whether the product has ISO quality system certification, quality test speech, whether the product warranty card and related security signs. Appearance color uniform, pure, no glue texture. From the side can also see the internal and stomatal conditions. Buy artificial marble must pay special attention, not only to see the quality, but also pay attention to environmental performance and after-sales service. Choose artificial marble, compare prices do not forget to compare the quality, and pay attention to ask and save all kinds of vouchers to protect their own interests are not infringed. There is a saying: Before shopping, pay more attention, use less worry after use. State stone according to the level of radioactive is divided into ABC three categories, according to regulations, only Class A can be used for home interior decoration. Artificial marble radioactive belong to category A, most can be used for interior decoration, and granite and natural marble should not be used in large quantities, especially in the bedroom, the elderly, children's room use.

According to the test, different colors of stone its radioactive is also different, the highest red and green, red, black is the lowest. Therefore, consumers should be careful to choose red, green or with a large spot of red granite varieties. At the same time, when the purchase of the contract and invoice, contract and invoice is an important guarantee of rights, consumers should require the seller in the contract to clear the product name, specifications, grades, quantity and price, and require a clear use of which norms Detection. It is best to ask the seller to provide proof of product qualification, by the legal department identified test speech or product radioactive certificate. Conditions permit, it is best to send the sample to the detection department for testing. Purchase to prevent the so-called international A-level "premium" stone, and some manufacturers mislead consumers a practice. Intimate Tip: After the laying of natural marble, to take the method of dilution pollution to reduce pollution. In general, the harmful radon half-life is only 3.2 days, indoor radon concentration in the doors and windows after 2030 minutes can be reduced to the outdoor level. Therefore, the simplest way is to strengthen the ventilation. Just renovated room is best to be tested, if the test results are not qualified, you can use the radiation coating or installation of lead-free protective board to prevent the release of radon from the building materials. If the radioactivity index is too high, you must immediately replace the stone.

Whether it is natural or artificial marble, after laying must be careful to detect radiation pollution. A rare way is to open the window ventilation, if necessary, you can also install the device or install the protective plate. Marble and granite purchase From the market point of view, the color of marble is currently Chinese red, pomegranate red and general red comparison. Which in turn with the Mongolian black side with the Chinese red alternating with the most popular, become an important style of stone decoration. In addition, the use of jazz white, brown door pattern, large flower green and other imported marble paved the ground, together with European curtains, lighting and art furniture, etc., derived from the authentic European style "is also popular with wealthy people The marble of the topaz and the red granite of the Taihang are also more marketable because of their color more in line with the aesthetic habits of most Chinese people.

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