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Interior Doors Type And Material

The interior door refers to the door that is installed in the entrance of the room, which is the general term for all the rooms. Indoor doors are defined by the use of the door; with the corresponding "outdoor door" that is the door, into the door - is commonly referred to as security doors, security doors and so on. Interior doors can also be called home doors.

The interior door contains the following:

1, solid wood door

The Solid wood door is the whole door completely made of solid wood processing. The advantages of environmental protection, grain texture clear, have a strong sense of the overall and three-dimensional. The The biggest drawback is easy to crack.

2, molded door

Is the use of three centimeters or five centimeters density board molded by the mold, and then in accordance with the double-door process from the process of its advantages is not easy to crack deformation, the disadvantage is the door is very light, no feel, lower grades, the door Very few styles.

3, composite doors

Through the hot or cold or manually put a variety of materials together with the processing of the composite door of the inherent quality is not the same, may be changed in the wood inside may also have very little solid wood. Most of the internal use of German imports of hollow particleboard, bee window paper, medium density board particleboard filled. The outer frame is made of solid wood, medium density board and particleboard.

The advantage is not easy to crack deformation, feel, the door of the diverse styles. The disadvantage is that the internal material is not uniform, so that some businesses in the quality of shoddy, the people difficult to distinguish the authenticity.

4, double door

It is a door made of ordinary practice. The process is simple, the production cost is relatively low. Its interior is the wood keel, the external trim plywood on the market by the two bonding, the outer surface and then add some solid wood lines. Double door is the most suitable for flat door processing.

Its advantage is not easy to crack deformation, the disadvantage is the door is very light, no feel, lower grades, the door style is very small.

What are the interior doors of the material?

Indoor door is the general term of all the rooms, it has to divide the interior space, strengthen the anti-theft, channel role, beautify the role of the room, the current common indoor doors have such materials:

Interior door material:

1, solid wood interior door

Solid wood interior doors are made of solid wood, the price is high, but mainly because the market is now the wood is quick, made of the door is also easier to deformation, so the climate temperature or humidity changes in large places, choose solid wood doors to be careful, It is easy to warp deformation.

2, molded indoor doors

Molded indoor door is to use the machine to the two models with the shape of the door and some fibrous board pressed together, the general middle is hollow, the surface will be affixed with anti-wood trim, the price is very cheap, but the environmental performance is relatively poor, because the use of Glue more, the general formaldehyde emission will be higher, the sound effects and feel are not good, moisture resistance is also relatively poor.

3, steel wood interior door

Steel wood interior doors are mostly produced before the anti-theft door manufacturers to launch new products, the middle is the wooden keel outside the steel plate, the surface affixed to the wood grain finishes. The advantage is not easy to deformation, the disadvantage is very heavy, the hinge and the door frame is a test, and steel doors of the door if the choice of PVC foil, and a long time may have the risk of falling off, steel doors interior doors and color is generally more sluggish The

4, solid wood composite indoor doors

High-quality solid wood composite indoor doors, should be the most ideal choice, the production process is probably: the middle of solid wood keel, both sides of wood paste board, shape and then paste the real veneer, and finally do paint (if it is mixed throttle Veneer, directly to paint), because of its surface attached to the solid wood, and the general paint is also completed in the factory, its shape color is generally very close to the solid wood doors, pattern selection is also more, and its special process also ensures its easy deformation , But because the process of manufacturers can not be verified, a lot of solid wood composite door manufacturers are also filled with materials such as the use of inferior materials, so the solid wood composite indoor doors should also choose a good reputation products.

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