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Pvc Ceiling Appearance Fashion Environmental Health

pvc ceiling is a natural gypsum and face paper as the main raw material, mixed with appropriate fiber, starch, coagulant, foaming agent and water made of lightweight construction sheet. pvc ceiling as a new type of building materials, widely used in decoration and construction, today for you to introduce the characteristics of pvc ceiling.

PVC ceiling panels do not contain toxic substances, environmental protection, health, moisture, anti-subsidence, no deformation, thermal insulation, radiation protection, easy to clean features, color variety, beautiful design; fire waterproof, dust moth, , Environmental health, finishes, easy to install. It is ideal for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, the dance halls, the railway stations, the auditorium, the hall, the hall, the hall, the hall, the hall , Office, living room, office, electronic room, precision instrument room, and factory or residential interior decoration.

1, production of low energy consumption, high production efficiency. Production of the same unit of pvc ceiling energy consumption than cement savings of 78%. And the investment less production capacity, simple process, easy to large-scale production.

2, fire performance: As the gypsum core itself is not burning, and the case of fire in the release of water will absorb a lot of heat during the process, delaying the ambient temperature rise, so, pvc ceiling has a good fire retardant performance.

3, lightweight, thermal insulation with pvc ceiling for the wall, the weight is only the same thickness of the brick wall 1/15, block wall of the 1/10, is conducive to structural seismic, and can effectively reduce the basic and structural cost The pvc ceiling core 60% is a small pores, because the air thermal conductivity is very small, so has a good light insulation performance.

4, sound insulation performance: the use of a single lightweight materials, such as aerated concrete, expanded perlite plate and other components of a single layer of its thickness to meet the requirements of sound insulation, and pvc ceiling partition has a unique cavity Structure, with good sound insulation performance.

5, easy processing, construction can be good: pvc ceiling can be nailed, planer, can be sawed, sticky performance, for interior decoration, can achieve the desired decorative effect, just cut the knife can be free pvc gypsum Board for cutting, construction is very convenient, with it to do decorative materials can greatly improve the construction efficiency.

6, green: pvc ceiling with natural gypsum and pvc as raw materials, will not contain harmful asbestos on the human body (the vast majority of calcium silicate board and cement fiber board are used as a reinforced sheet of asbestos).

7, save space: the use of pvc ceiling for the wall, the wall thickness of up to 74mm, and can guarantee the wall of the noise, anti-performance. As the pvc ceiling has the advantages of light weight, fireproof, soundproof, heat insulation, heat insulation, good workability (can be cut, can be nailed, sawable), easy construction, removable performance, increase the area of use, so widely used In a variety of industrial buildings, civil construction, especially in high-rise buildings can be used as interior materials and decoration materials. Such as: for the cabinet structure in the non-load-bearing walls, indoor panels, ceiling and so on.

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