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PVC Folding Door To How To Buy

Now the home environment is not just a decoration like, the overall aesthetics and integrity of the more important. Now the consumer in the purchase of houses later, the decoration becomes more important. Now the continuous development of society. Our choice is more and more. The door is home to the first line of defense. The choice of category becomes very important. This time, we say that PVC folding door to buy.

1, look at the appearance

Look at the appearance of PVC folding door, you can touch the appearance of hand to identify the appearance of quality, hand touch the door of the border, the panel, if it feels no scratch, feel soft and delicate, indicating folding door quality is better. In addition, you can also see whether there is a wave of paint, generally flat, no folding folding door is qualified.

2, to see if flexible

PVC folding doors can see the flexibility of the door through the sliding texture to measure its quality. In the sliding folding door when the folding door that the lighter the better, in fact, is wrong. Good quality folding door sliding will not be too light nor too heavy, but with a certain door of the weight, folding when there is no vibration or stuck, but smooth texture.

3, to see if strong enough

Folding doors should always slide, so the quality of the pulley must be strong enough. As the height of the folding door is relatively high, the door is relatively wide, the door itself is relatively large weight, if the pulley's load capacity is not enough, will affect the quality of folding doors. So when you buy the sales staff can introduce more pulleys, hinges and other hardware accessories, or do some related tests to understand the quality of the product.

The aesthetic of the consumer will change with the progress of society. PVC folding door is a very modern, very high quality choice. Use PVC folding doors to be translated. Better saves space. If consumers want to buy PVC folding door, you can choose according to the above requirements. Better to ensure the rationality of PVC folding door selection.

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