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PVC Panels Has A Lot Of Excellent Performance

Many building surface plate is the use of pvc board, and pvc board is used in the surface packaging sheet. pvc board with soft and hard points, there are soft pvc board and hard pvc board, even with the same pvc board, the use is still different. And pvc board which have what purpose?

pvc board use

1.pvc board transparent board with advanced raw materials as auxiliary materials and generated. With a white, brown, sapphire blue and other c color variety of pvc transparent board. This pvc board is mainly used in interior decoration, instrument level display and equipment protection board and other parts.

2.pvc board with soft and hard points, soft pvc board surface soft. At the same time with a variety of colors. Need to use the finest raw materials, making fine. Is the preferred raw material for trains, car interiors. Can also be used for insulating cushion. Is very good auxiliary material.

3.pvc board is also a high-quality plastic plate, its function can also replace part of the stainless steel and some corrosion-resistant synthetic materials. pvc board materials are widely used in chemical treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment. Decoration, communications business also used to pvc board.

pvc board instructions

1. Hardness pvc plate chemical stability is relatively stable. Has many excellent properties, such as corrosion resistance, insulation, anti-ultraviolet and strong and hard. pvc board surface is flat, not easy to deformation. In a number of industries can be used.

2. Softness pvc board in the use of materials more effort. Production is also very fine. Used as an interior is more common. Excellent weldability, and pvc board also has a wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance. While the physical properties of no less than other rubber products, and even better than these products.

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