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PVC Panels Processing Advantages

  PVC Panels processing advantages

  PVC Panels for everyone more common, the following we have to introduce PVC Panels processing advantages, hoping to help the user friends!

  First, can be the same as wood sawing, nails, planing and other processing;

  Second, according to the general welding process welding, but also with different hard PVC material bonding.

  Thirdly, it is usually suitable for thermoforming, heating bending and folding processing;

  Fourth, PVC Panels organotin stabilization system of the best thermal stability, but the price is high (about 4 times higher than the lead salt). As the organotin stabilization system itself does not lubricate, so need to add internal lubricant.

  Fifth, PVC Panels processing production, PVC Panels cutting processing this link is particularly important. In the processing of the plate which, pre-selection, and then remove impurities, and then spread to the production and processing lines, large quantities of processing production

  Sixth, PVC Panels is easier to bend. Soft polyvinyl chloride extruded sheet is made of polyvinyl chloride resin by adding plasticizer, stabilizer and other extrusion molding. Mainly used in acid, alkali and other anti-corrosion equipment lining, can also be used as a general electrical insulation and sealing gasket material, the use of temperature is -5 to +40 ℃, can be used as a substitute for rubber products, the use of a wide range of new Of environmentally friendly products.

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